We did it!

Lieber Mitglieder und Interessierte,

Pierre Delaleau hat im Oktober am KAEM 2017 teigenommen, einem Marathon quer durch die Kalahariwüste. Dabei hat er unser Schulprojekt erfolgreich beworben und unterstützt.

Mit Hilfe seiner Crowdfunding-Aktion konnte er 1000 € sammeln, die uns einen großen Schritt weiter bringen auf dem Weg zum Landkauf. Im Folgenden ein Statement von unserem Sportler Pierre über seinen Erfolg:

"It is difficult to realize (at least for me!) but I ran for more than 32 hours during 6 days. And I trained for several months. All this hard work has been rewarded with this 4th position of the KAEM2017.
When I crossed the final line, I sighed with relief. I was so happy to finish the race, to complete the objectives. My last words of the race were : “We did it” !
Because it was not only me who realized this performance: I should thank the organization who did a perfect job, all the runners and especially my 2 colleagues who helped me for the preparation and during the race, all the people especially my family who believed in me and support this project via the crowdfunding.
Such event is a really good opportunity to show how Africa is nice and alive. Today, there are always lots of children in Africa who can not afford going in school. With this project, it shows that we can help them, and education and sport are two values where we can come closer."

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